About us

and the establishment of our office

The idea of founding a joint law firm arose spontaneously after we met together in an unconventional art café in Prague - Smíchov and discussed our careers, life challenges and professional milestones.

We discovered that we were united by our vision of a modern 21st century law firm, our shared ideas about values and work, and the fact that our previous professional paths had been at odds with these ideas.

Our common history dates back to 2007, when we both worked at the international law firm WEINHOLD LEGAL. Our paths then diverged and Aleš worked for more than 13 years as a partner at the international law firm Schaffer & Partner.

Irena went through renowned law firms, among them the international law firm KPMG LEGAL, where she gradually worked her way up to a managerial position.

Combining top legal services in a friendly atmosphere.

Throughout our practice, however, we have felt that a regular law practice does not always offer the client a real connection of top legal services in a friendly atmosphere, so that the client feels truly special and perceives "his" lawyer not only as a top expert, but also as a partner and a real support in the current complex and dynamically evolving world of orders, prohibitions and the jungle of paragraphs.

A lawyer as a partner in the jungle of paragraphs.

That is why we wanted to create a unique law firm that combines professionalism and a personal approach and in the case of our business clients, a key aspect for successful legal advice, namely business insight into the legal issues in every situation.

In more than 20 years of professional practice, we have accumulated extensive experience. We have been involved in many significant and complex transactions in the hundreds of millions of Euros, including cross-border ones, and have advised clients from various industry sectors. We have thus been forced to engage not only legal thinking, but also economic and business thinking.

Seeing the bigger picture.

We managed teams in close contact with auditors, tax advisors and accountants. This gives us unique experience that allows us to perceive the bigger picture and think outside the box.

We have also helped individuals or projects in the not-for-profit sector.

We would like to welcome you to our law firm and provide you with an exclusive and comprehensive legal service that bridges the worlds of law, tax, accounting and business. We can provide you with similar services globally, thanks to our long-established network of proven and successful professional advisors.

We can speak with you in Czech, English and German.