what we can help you with

Corporate Law and M&A

  • Comprehensive legal advice on M&A, including due diligence

  • Analysis and modelling of transaction settings

  • Corporate transitions, including cross-border

  • Transfers and contributions of enterprises, including cross-border transactions

  • Joint ventures

  • Formation of companies and foundations

  • Shareholder and related agreements

  • Dispute resolution between shareholders/partners

  • Implementation of all corporate changes -change of statutory bodies, registered office, business object, share capital, type of shares/(special) shares

  • Register proceedings, registration of beneficial owners

  • Comprehensive preparation of general meetings of business corporations

  • Provision of legal support for corporate governance

  • Group law

  • Dissolution and liquidation of companies

  • Assessment and preparation of management contracts

  • Option plans


Contract Law

  • Assessment of risks arising from the concluded contracts

  • Preparation of complex contractual documentation in the field of private and public law, including contracts with a foreign element or using foreign law

  • Drafting of model contractual documents

  • Negotiation of contractual documentation

  • Preparation/review of commercial terms and conditions

  • Consumer protection in terms and conditions and contractual documentation

  • Legal representation in commercial and consumer disputes

Labour Law and Immigration Law

  • Comprehensive preparation of all employment law documentation including employment contracts, agreements outside the employment relationship, internal regulations of the employer, etc.

  • Legal assistance in termination of common and problematic employment relationships, including drafting standardized legal documentation and manuals for termination of all types of employment relationships.

  • Comprehensive legal support in the process of collective redundancies.

  • Legal analysis and implementation of appropriate legal and organisational solutions to prevent the risks of the so-called "švarcsystem".

  • Setting up employee remuneration programmes, including option programmes, etc.

  • Secondment of employees from/to the Czech Republic and obtaining residence titles necessary for staying and working in the Czech Republic.

  • Advising on non-competition in employment relations

  • Comprehensive representation of clients in residency proceedings (short-term, long-term and permanent stays).

  • Legal services in the processing of visas, employment cards, legal representation in asylum proceedings and in proceedings for granting Czech citizenship.

  • Legal support in dealing with the foreign police, processing of residence permits for family reunification, applications for extension of residence visas including visas for business purposes.

  • Whistleblowing

  • Resolving labour disputes including representation in court proceedings

  • Representing employers in proceedings before administrative authorities, in particular the Labour Inspectorate

Real Estate and Construction Law

  • Legal and economic analysis of the optimal method of real estate transaction

  • Pre-investment legal due diligence, technical and environmental due diligence and any expert valuations

  • Commercial and legal negotiations for the purchase of real estate and real estate projects

  • Preparation of any contractual documentation relating to real estate, including construction (purchase agreements, lease agreements, mortgage agreements, easements and servitudes, construction rights, work contracts, etc.), including related submissions to the Land Registry and after-sales legal service

  • Review/preparation and negotiation of real estate financing documentation and related security

  • Representation in construction proceedings, representation in proceedings before the Protection and Conservation of Monuments and Sites authorities

  • Comprehensive legal advice to real estate agents

  • Legal escrows

  • Advising developers

  • Representation in claims

Foundations, Endowments and Associations

  • Advice on the appropriate form of a non-profit sector entity

  • Assessment of ancillary business activities

  • Preparation of the necessary contracts and documentation related to the performance of the activities of the non-profit entity

  • Assisting in the establishment and actual operation of the foundation

  • Advising the authorities, including directors, on the day-to-day agenda

Dispute resolution

  • Legal representation of clients in any civil contentious or non-contentious proceedings

  • Dispute resolution through mediation

  • Legal representation in other court proceedings including administrative justice, proceedings before the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic, arbitration or enforcement proceedings

  • Recovery of claims, including cross-border enforcement of decisions/execution

  • Legal advice on recovery of claims by European order for payment

Health Law

  • Legal advice for obtaining licenses and other public permits in the pharmaceutical industry

  • Legal advice in personal injury litigation, including legal representation in court proceedings and out-of-court negotiations

  • Legal representation in disputes for the protection of personality in connection with the provision of health care

  • Representation before the State Institute for Drug Control (SÚKL)

Technical and Medical Cannabis

  • Advising on securing the necessary licences and permits for growers, producers, distributors and importers (including permits for handling addictive substances)

  • Representation before the State Institute for Drug Control (SÚKL) and customs and other control authorities of the Czech Republic

  • Analysis of requirements concerning premises for the cultivation and storage of technical or medicinal cannabis

  • Contractual relationships with customers or suppliers

  • Control and assessment of product labelling

Virtual In-house Legal Departments

  • Providing remote virtual legal assistance with the company's day-to-day agenda in all areas of need if the company has a small, highly specialized or no legal department

  • Hotlines

  • Supplementing the legal workload of the company's in-house legal department on specific projects

  • Complementing the specialisms of a client's in-house legal department

  • I am interested

Cross-border advice

  • Providing comprehensive legal services for Czech legal entities and individuals in international jurisdictions

  • Coordination and management of cross-border legal or tax projects

  • Legal and tax analysis of appropriate cross-border transaction models

Trust funds

  • Preparation of a legal analysis for optimal selection of the appropriate type of trust fund

  • Development of a "family property constitution"

  • Developing a strategy for the intergenerational transfer of the family business

  • Comprehensive legal advice on the establishment of a trust, including drafting of the trust's statutes, the trust's trustee agreement or agreements between the trustee and third parties

  • Legal representation in registration proceedings

  • Legal support for trustees of trust funds

Property Settlements and Divorces

  • Legal analysis and drafting of strategies for property settlements in divorce proceedings

  • Representation in property settlement negotiations after divorce

  • Drafting complex legal documentation for "uncontested divorces", including legal representation in divorce or child custody proceedings

  • Legal representation in "contested divorces" including mediation of related services (detective, security of persons and property, etc.).