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Contract Law

Contract templates tend to be a hit and many can be "downloaded" from the internet because they look "ready to use" and have the potential to save time and money. However, as specialists in contract and obligation law, we know that many of these contracts don't say much, and what is not in the contract often becomes a major problem.

It's also important to remember that almost every contract is an original, as it takes into account not only the specifics of the particular project or transaction, but also the specifics of the negotiation, as it is almost never possible to negotiate everything in your favour. So why start with a template that may include a negotiating compromise that you may have yet to see in your deal? Why voluntarily find yourself in the position that the first draft of the agreement actually already contains such "hidden" compromises and you haven´t had a chance to "trade" them for something important to you in the negotiations?  When a real conflict arises, litigation often costs more than a thoughtfully drafted contract at the beginning of the relationship. A well-constructed and balanced contract is thus the basis for eliminating the risk of future disputes between the parties. The same applies to commercial terms.

When negotiating and drafting contracts, we necessarily draw on our expertise in economics and business, but also in specialist sectors such as real estate, construction, IT, intellectual property and tax law. Our team can help you prepare and negotiate simple contracts as well as complex contractual documentation (including commercial terms and conditions) to implement your private or commercial plans. We can treat your risks correctly. Do you need to negotiate a contract with a foreign business partner? No problem, with our extensive network of contacts from different countries we can handle it. We can support you even in less traditional destinations.

Assessment of risks arising from the concluded contracts

Preparation of complex contractual documentation in the field of private and public law, including contracts with a foreign element or using foreign law

Drafting of model contractual documents

Negotiation of contractual documentation

Preparation/review of commercial terms and conditions

Consumer protection in terms and conditions and contractual documentation

Legal representation in commercial and consumer disputes