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Corporate Law and M&A


We have been successfully advising clients on mergers and acquisitions for more than 20 years, across a variety of business sectors and often with consideration of foreign laws in cross-border transactions. Whether you are selling or buying a business, need to perform various pre-investment due diligence, implement an efficient joint venture with your business partner or spin off a portion of your assets to another company, merge companies or transfer part of your plant anywhere within domestic or international structures, we are here to help. We have been involved in transactions in the order of billions of Czech crowns, both in transactions carried out in the Czech Republic and across borders.

We always work with a team of experienced tax advisors. Our expert team also has experience from the Big4 (both legal and tax teams). Expertise, professionalism and quality is always the starting point for the provision of our legal services. The attorneys working on the transactions also have extensive economic and business knowledge and experience in corporate governance. We take the active management of a transaction for granted, even though the business support of the client and the coordination of a multidisciplinary transaction team is an added value of the lawyer rather than an automatic and routine matter. Among other things, we have executed some of the most complex corporate transitions. We have handled hundreds of them, both locally and across borders.

Corporate Law

We will provide you with comprehensive corporate legal advice, from the establishment of the company, long-term corporate administration of companies, including the holding of general meetings, to setting up internal legal relations between the shareholders so that you can avoid any future disputes. Together with the tax team, we will help you set up a suitable corporate structure. If there is already a so-called "divorce" of the partners, then we will assist you in resolving the dispute. We can also assist you in implementing employee stock option plans (ESOP).

Comprehensive legal advice on M&A, including due diligence

Analysis and modelling of transaction settings

Corporate transitions, including cross-border

Transfers and contributions of enterprises, including cross-border transactions

Joint ventures

Formation of companies and foundations

Shareholder and related agreements

Dispute resolution between shareholders/partners

Implementation of all corporate changes -change of statutory bodies, registered office, business object, share capital, type of shares/(special) shares

Register proceedings, registration of beneficial owners

Comprehensive preparation of general meetings of business corporations

Provision of legal support for corporate governance

Group law

Dissolution and liquidation of companies

Assessment and preparation of management contracts

Option plans