Our Services

Foundations, Endowments and Associations

As part of our practice, we also advise organizations whose primary purpose is to promote the general welfare and achieve socially or economically useful objectives.

So whether you are setting up an association, a foundation or an endowment fund and wish to pursue charitable purposes, our law firm will guide you through the entire process, from selecting the appropriate legal form of the entity, assessing the possibility of carrying out ancillary economic activities, preparing all necessary contractual documentation to advising the authorities on the day-to-day agenda.

And our cooperation does not end with the registration of the association or foundation in the relevant register. We are happy to prepare your annual report, codes of ethics or provide auditing services. We can also help you to secure contractual relations with donors and beneficiaries. Our expert tax team for the non-profit sector is also ready for you.

Advice on the appropriate form of a non-profit sector entity

Assessment of ancillary business activities

Preparation of the necessary contracts and documentation related to the performance of the activities of the non-profit entity

Assisting in the establishment and actual operation of the foundation

Advising the authorities, including directors, on the day-to-day agenda