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Health Law

Health law is undoubtedly one of those legal sectors that require a very sensitive approach to clients. A key aspect for us is finding a balance between the mutual rights and obligations between patients and healthcare providers.

We pride ourselves on a personal approach, understanding and empathy. We are not indifferent to the rights of patients. We are dedicated to representing patients who have been harmed by medical malpractice or surgery and to protecting the personality of patients in relation to the provision of healthcare, including representing them in court or out-of-court proceedings.

We guide health care providers through the process of obtaining licenses and permits in the pharmaceutical industry, including representation before the State Institute for Drug Control, while helping to sensitively set up relationships with patients or clients.

Legal advice for obtaining licenses and other public permits in the pharmaceutical industry

Legal advice in personal injury litigation, including legal representation in court proceedings and out-of-court negotiations

Legal representation in disputes for the protection of personality in connection with the provision of health care

Representation before the State Institute for Drug Control (SÚKL)