Our Services

Labour Law and Immigration Law

High-quality legal advice in the field of labour law is based not only on a perfect knowledge of the Labour Code and extensive European legislation, but also, with increasing emphasis, on a perfect overview of relevant court decisions, the knowledge of which enables us to effectively advise clients both in the context of setting up preventive labour law measures and relevant documentation, and especially in the case of resolving conflicts between employer and employee. After all, it can often be a great challenge even for proficient HR specialists to navigate the tangle of various legal provisions and new case law that the courts throw at us every day. We are here for you, whether you are an employee, employer or HR specialist.

We provide comprehensive, tailored employment law advice - from the comprehensive preparation of employment law documentation, internal employment guidelines, whistleblowing documentation to collective bargaining and the preparation of collective agreements. We provide legal advice on various compliance programs and employee stock option programs (ESOP, etc.). We also represent you in disputes or threatened disputes with employees or employers.

We also focus on immigration law, including employment of foreign nationals and assistance in obtaining work permits and employment relationships with a cross-border element.

Comprehensive preparation of all employment law documentation including employment contracts, agreements outside the employment relationship, internal regulations of the employer, etc.

Legal assistance in termination of common and problematic employment relationships, including drafting standardized legal documentation and manuals for termination of all types of employment relationships.

Comprehensive legal support in the process of collective redundancies.

Legal analysis and implementation of appropriate legal and organisational solutions to prevent the risks of the so-called "švarcsystem".

Setting up employee remuneration programmes, including option programmes, etc.

Secondment of employees from/to the Czech Republic and obtaining residence titles necessary for staying and working in the Czech Republic.

Advising on non-competition in employment relations

Comprehensive representation of clients in residency proceedings (short-term, long-term and permanent stays).

Legal services in the processing of visas, employment cards, legal representation in asylum proceedings and in proceedings for granting Czech citizenship.

Legal support in dealing with the foreign police, processing of residence permits for family reunification, applications for extension of residence visas including visas for business purposes.


Resolving labour disputes including representation in court proceedings

Representing employers in proceedings before administrative authorities, in particular the Labour Inspectorate