Our Services

Real Estate and Construction Law

We provide our clients with a full legal service in the field of real estate and construction law. We can handle the preparation of lease or tenancy agreements, real estate purchase agreements, mortgage agreements, escrow agreements, as well as a comprehensive agenda for real estate activities or development projects, etc.

We can also assist you with the day-to-day agenda of property development companies and real estate agencies. We will carry out legal analysis during the real estate transaction (due diligence) and represent you in all negotiations, whether it is a real estate purchase or a complex construction contract. In the meantime, you can concentrate on your business and let us handle the preparation of the contract documentation and its negotiation with your business partners. 

We can also help you through the process of planning, siting or applying for project finance, structuring and negotiating contracts with financial institutions. As part of our services, we provide a solicitor's escrow service to clients and third parties. Dealing with a claim or dispute relating to a property? We can help you assert your rights. If your claims are not clear, we will tell you. We will never get you into unnecessary litigation.

Legal and economic analysis of the optimal method of real estate transaction

Pre-investment legal due diligence, technical and environmental due diligence and any expert valuations

Commercial and legal negotiations for the purchase of real estate and real estate projects

Preparation of any contractual documentation relating to real estate, including construction (purchase agreements, lease agreements, mortgage agreements, easements and servitudes, construction rights, work contracts, etc.), including related submissions to the Land Registry and after-sales legal service

Review/preparation and negotiation of real estate financing documentation and related security

Representation in construction proceedings, representation in proceedings before the Protection and Conservation of Monuments and Sites authorities

Comprehensive legal advice to real estate agents

Legal escrows

Advising developers

Representation in claims