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Trust funds

Have you heard of the term trust fund but don't know what to make of it? Or do you know what a trust fund is, but are not sure if it is the ideal tool to effectively manage and protect your assets? Our attorneys have extensive experience in the creation and implementation of more than a hundred trust funds and have worked extensively in this area, including lecturing and publishing.

Our team will familiarize you with all the advantages of trusts, prepare an analysis for you to optimally choose the appropriate type of trust and then provide comprehensive legal services for the establishment of the trust, including drafting the statute, the contract with the trustee of the trust or contracts between the trustee and third parties. Of course, we also provide consultations during the drafting of the trust fund statute and treatment of tax implications.

Preparation of a legal analysis for optimal selection of the appropriate type of trust fund

Development of a "family property constitution"

Developing a strategy for the intergenerational transfer of the family business

Comprehensive legal advice on the establishment of a trust, including drafting of the trust's statutes, the trust's trustee agreement or agreements between the trustee and third parties

Legal representation in registration proceedings

Legal support for trustees of trust funds